Thursday, July 15, 2010


So, English is usually not the language we would speak to Martin. Although it is the language Israel and I talk to each other (most of the time) and it is the language of some of Martin's favorite books and songs. But, until recently, we have not heard Martin talk in English, except when singing or reciting his books by heart. And he would recite qutie long passages, like:
'Soccer shoes - with bottom bumps, take you to the game. You kick the ball and score a goal!!! Fans jump and shout your name!' (and every single page of his book "Shoes Take you Where You Want to Go").
Once he started to go to summer camp he began to make up his own English sentences. One of his first phrases was:
'Very shy! Very shy!' - I can only guess how he picked this up.
Another one was 'You so funny!'. However, he would only use this one when we try to put a serious face to scold him for something wrong he did.
He would also say a lot of 'Excuse me!' but only to his brother - for example, when he plays around Valentin's little gym, Martin would say 'Excuse me, Vale!' when he gets closer, followed by 'Martin skacha. Niama strashno!' ('Martin is jumping! Don't worry!') It is hilarious...
Martin is very good in switching between Bulgarian and Spanish (depending on which of the two languages I talk to him in, or depending on wheather he is talking to his father and abu Mariela or me and baba Penka). However, when I tell him something in English, he would look at me smiling and say 'Yaaa'... Yaa - he knows it is English, but still cannot respond in English - I guess...

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