Wednesday, January 6, 2010

18 months

At 18th months you are a 54'' tall (over 95th perc), weigh 29.6 pounds (80th perc.) and you have a 20.25 inches (over 100 percentile) of a head full of brain!!!
You say more than 80 words - and that is not counting the numbers from 1 to 10 that you know in English, Spanish and Bulgarian. You counted for Dr Smith from 1 to 10 in English missing only number 8 (this is new for you). You still need help for counting in Spanish and Bulgarian, but you say sooo many words it is amazing:
- Kak se kazva mama? De-ya-na (you pronounce it better than anyone I have heard pronounce my name here in the US). You also know the names of: Ese, Moni, Simon, Isra, Ivan, Penka, Mia (Mariela). You say your name now with the accent correctly on the last sylable Ma-tin. And you prefer calling Nadia - Anya (good thing she does not mind). Nadia also taught you to respond with 'I wow you' whenever she told you 'I love you!'
- borovinki, sokche, mako (mliako), eche (leche), supa, apche (hliabche), mi-ina (mandarina), banana, apple, med (almost always you say 'dado med' indicating this is your diado's med), aqua, voda, kafe, Cheerios, cookie, wi-wa (for tikva), guba
- trash, garbage, schoolbus, kola, kamion, buy, ciao, hi, computer, flush, Santa
- masa, stol, toplo, kuche, decata, momiche, obuvki, shoes, zapatos, ukavici (rukavici), shapka, baloni, topka, polota (pelota), vunka, aide, vamos, gore, dolu, kosa, ami sega/i sega?, niama, dealo (odealo), gledalo (ogledalo), baseina (also: piscina), mecho, bebe, noni, waaa (to indicate someone is crying), piano
- mii, pii, yaj, sedni, vzemi, dai, doide, OK
- tio, tia, abu, baba, dado (diado), tati (also: papa, papi), mama (mami), ucho (vuicho)
- mushata or bushata to mean 'musika-ta'. And we hear this a lot - whenever you want us to play music on the stereo downstairs, the small stereo upstairs or whenever you want to hear all ringtones on my cellphone.
- You also LOVE to repeat the curse words your father occasionally uses (coño, joda). One morning you started saying 'coño' out of nowhere and looked at your father and laughed while saying it over and over. You so knew this was a bad word!!!

The biggest surprise a month ago was me realizing that whenever I read to you and stop in a middle of a sentence - you correctly say the following word. And this is reading from your English books (My Shoes Take me Anywhere, Aladdin, Pooh & Eeyore, etc), Bulgarian books (Diado Vadi Riapa) or Spanish books (Donde Esta el Umbliguito)...

Me: Eeyore is feeling very sad...
You: today
Me: He's lost his...
You: Tail
Me: Eeyore looks up and sees...
You: Pooh
Me: Hello! says...
You: Pooh
Me: Eeyore doesn't...
You: answer.

And we finished the whole book in the same manner with you saying for the first time words like: friends, garden, now, contest, bounce, story, book, hide and seek, happy, etc. and with a very clear diction and correct pronunciation... You absolutely floored me!!!

When we went to church on Christmas eve, you did not stop talking and we could hardly contain our laughter. Every time the priest stopped singing you clapped hands and loudly said 'Bravooo!'. You found someone to look at you and then you start pointing at us and telling that person that this is 'mama' and that is 'tati'. When people get up as part of the mass, you tapped the bench next to me and told the guy that just got up 'Sedni! Sedni!' ('Sit Down! Sit Down!') . And when I gave you cheerios and cookies so that your mouth is full and you stop talking, you said loudly 'Cheerios! mmmmmm' or 'mmmm. Cookie! Am-Am'...