Monday, June 7, 2010

Symphony in the Park

Every year in June, the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra has the coolest concerts ever - out in the open. People set up a tarp on the lawn very early in the morning, so that when they come at 6-7pm for the concert, they have 'good seats'. This year Niya was the early riser and space-saver. Only that she put it in the exact middle of the lawn and we had to do a lot of off-roading with the stroller - through people's blankets, chairs, feet and trays - to get to our 'seats'. We enjoyed the performance of the Youth Symphony from 6:30 to 8, but just before the real Symphony started playing, they announced that rain was moving into the area. We packed and left and sat for a while in slow traffic with Valentin crying his lungs out in the back and Martin plugging his ears with fingers not to listen to him. As soon as we got home and put them both to sleep, the skies opened and torrents of rain poured down...

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