Monday, October 18, 2010

Columbus Day Weekend at the Beach

(an attempt to capture the two brand new teeth)

Vale grew up so much in only one long weekend. His grandma left him on Thursday with only one tooth poking out of his gum and found him on Tuesday with two teeth, able to crawl quite professionally (until then he was only sliding on his belly), able to clap his hands intentionally, and also making sounds with his tongue like horses steps...

Of course, taking him to the beach might have helped. We rented a house on Topsail Island and went with friends and their babies. After a cold week in Charlotte, we had gorgeous weather at the ocean. We took long walks on the beach, and stayed under the canopy all day long. Valentin would usually fall into deep sleep the moment the stroller hit the sand. Martin would wade in the water or play football with papi or would help him make sand castles (yes, Martin was only helping papi, who was very serious and concentrated on the job).
When it was Martin's turn to sleep, Vale would be awake. He discovered sand, but only with his feet - as I had learned my lesson that sand tends to sticks to baby hands oiled with sun-block and baby hands tend to find their way to baby mouth and baby eyes very quickly... Thanks to guinea-pig Martin!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Biseri (Gems)

We try to phrase limits and commands in a positive way for Martin. So, instead of 'Don't give cheerios to Vale', we say 'Kato porasne i Valeto shte iade cheerios' (When Vale grows up, he will also eat cheerios). So, Martin really likes the idea of Vale growing up and he says all the times things like 'Kato porasne i Valeto shte skacha' (when Vale grows up he will also jump). 'Kato porasne i Valeto shte rita topka"(when Vale grows up he will also kick the ball)... So, the other day, I lay in bed nursing Valeto and Martin was close to us. He observed (as usual): "Valeto iade teta" (Valeto eats boob). And then added: 'Kato porasne i Martin shte iade teta" (When Martin grows up, he will also eat boob).


On a night when the moon was about 40% full:
"Mamo, tova e lunata. Se schupila lunata."
("Mommy, this is the moon. The moon broke.")


"Mamo, Martin iska da vidi pampersa na Valeto" while I change Vale and comment on the poop he had made. He sees it and says: "Ima ujas!"

Martin counting in Spanish (past 10):
"Dieciseis, diecisiete, dieciocho, diecinueve, DIECIDIEZ"
("sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, TENTEEN")