Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Yesterday, at 21 months and 2 weeks, Martin could successfully read a few flash cards with words like: Martin, Simon, baba (Grandma), diado (Grandpa), vujcho (uncle), nos (nose), ushi (ears), ochi (eyes). These were the flashcards my mom was showing him when he was about 10-12 months old while she was thinking we were starting him late. I have to admit that I was very sceptical about this activity - well, until yesterday when I heard him read the cards and later I made him read them again to make sure he was not cheating... You go, my boy!!!
Also, about a month ago, Martin could recognize the following letters: M - Martin's letter, D - Mommy's letter (Deyana) , I - tati's letter (Israel), S - diado's letter (Strahil), P - baba's letter (Penka), V - Valentin's letter, E - Eze's letter, N - Niya's letter, O - he would say 'Oh', U - he would say 'U', W, X, Z, A, B. This was with the help of an alphabet puzzle that Isra bought him. In no time he learned to solve the puzzle although it looked difficult for his age being the letters had drawings underneath that you can match them to (instead of the letters again)...

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