Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Music and Languages

As soon as I start the car and Vale hears NPR on, he starts 'Mama, mama, mama, mmmm...' which means he wants to listen to music.
As soon as I switch to music Martin starts:
'This song is in Bulgarian... This song is in Spanish... This song is in English...'
So, here comes Pitbull with 'I know you want me (Calle ocho)'...
Martin: 'Esa es de Simon.' - meaning Simon likes it. 'Habla como en Miami - como Simon.'
I: 'Como se habla en Miami?'
Martin: 'En Espanol y en Ingles.'

Soon comes some Tarkan music.
I: 'So, what language is this one in?'
Martin: 'Mmmm... Mmmmm... Ne znam (I don't know).'
I: 'Of course you don't! This is Turkish.'

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