Friday, November 19, 2010

Belated Halloween Post

Halloween came along very early in Octomber and we had several occasions to wear costumes: First was Lila's Halloween-themed First birthday party.

Then the Fall festival in the Library:

Early trick-or-treating at Bill & Martha's:

The Chills and Thrills Lollipop concert:

The Halloween party at the Bulgarian School on Halloween day:

And Trick-or-Treating in the neighbourhood.

'Le sacamos el jugo' del Buzz Lightyear costume - like my mother-in-law likes to say. Which does not make me feel so bad purchasing a costume that will be worn presumably once and will be too small for him next year (or, Martin will be into something other than Toy Story). Valentin's Cupid costume was my idea, but came too late for the first events. Still, I think this was the most appropriate disguise for him - having this name and being the chubby, cheruby, curly-haired angel baby he is!!! Muaahh!

Martin LOVED trick-or-treating! Right after the first house he realized that by saying Trick-or-treat people give him candy and he was hooked. We stopped to talk to some neighbours and he was all 'Come on. Let's go to this next house to say Trick-or-Treat.' I would also occasionally ask him to tell people what Buzz Lightyear says and he was all "I'm Buzz Lightyear! Space Ranger! To Infinity and Beyond!". This costume was a success (although most of my friends - usually moms to smaller kids - did not have any idea what he is dressed up as. I didn't have any idea either until six months ago when we first saw Toy Story and have been seeing it every night since then with only little interruption from Up, Ratatulle, The Bee Movie and Snow White...

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