Tuesday, May 4, 2010


This is Martin's 3rd Charlotte Symphony Lollipops concert (and first real lollipop). As always, he stayed mezmerized and intently watching the stage for the whole hour.
When The Princess and the Frog piece was being performed by the dancers, Martin's jaw dropped when the big guy dressed as a green frog appeared on the stage. Isra told him: 'Mira, rana verde!' (referring to part of Martin's favorite book 'Oso Pardo'). Martin looked at me pointing to the stage and said: 'Mama, rana verde baila!'

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  1. you have a new little bundle of joy?! congratulations!!!

  2. thanks! yes, many people say he is like Martin's twin brother... he has his quiet and happy personality too (the one Martin used to have when he was a baby - he is a little terror now :)).